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digital publishing specialists 

Helicon specializes in digital publishing. We maintain huge databases ranging from serious subject reference to quizzes and memory joggers. As well as text, the databases contain thousands of maps, diagrams, illustrations, audio clips, and animations.

We provide tailor-made packages of content for use by our customers for their websites and intranets, in ebooks, and in mobile communications products. Our global client list includes a mix of educational aggregators, broadcasters, and internet service providers. They include the BBC, EBSCO and McGraw-Hill.

our history

Helicon's history is one of innovation, consistently marrying content to technology, with a reputation for service. In 1992, we were the first to create an encyclopedia for an electronic handheld device, and the first, in 2000, with ntl, to launch an encyclopedia on interactive digital TV.

We've published and provided reference material for many years, including the much-loved Hutchinson Encyclopedia and the DK Reference Encyclopedia. In 2002, we moved away from publishing in print to focus on digital products.

Helicon is owned by RM plc, leading suppliers of computing equipment and software to the UK educational market.

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