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Q. What services do you offer over and above the others? How do you keep customers coming back for more? A. With something to refer to…  We can provide you with many different encyclopedia titles and articles - for children or adults.

Find out what happened on this day in history, and tomorrow, and the next day! With our this day in history title, customers can read about major world events that happened on this day, including who died and who was born.

If that isn't enough, we also have thousands of multiple choice quiz questions, all subject- and ability-referenced. For example, choose adults' medium history questions, or children's easy science.

Whatever you’re looking for, there'll be something in our vast databases to fit your website. Take a look at our ISP content in action PDF, then contact us to discuss what would work best for you.


'The folks at Helicon have been quick to respond to all issues and questions that have come up during our relationship. It's been a pleasure working with them.'

Chris Roberts, Credo Reference

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