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When you're on the move, it's good to keep informed. It's good to build up the whole picture of a place. We've got climate data and extensive background information for every country. Find out about trade, languages spoken, access to clean water, mobile phone use and much more. Select from over 60 different indicators.

As well as current social indicators, there's the history. We can provide country chronologies that tell the story of a country – both highs and lows.

Whether stepping into the sunshine or a cool adventure, we can help ensure your customers are well-prepared.

See our travel and tourism content in action PDF for inspiration.


'We publish several of the Hutchinson titles on KnowUK and in my experience the data is accurate and of high quality. The content is always delivered on time and I have always had prompt responses to any queries that I have had.'

Anke Schumacher, ProQuest UK

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