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Our data is completely digital. From it the Hutchinson dictionaries, encyclopedias, and related titles were created. It's constantly being refreshed and therefore won't necessarily match printed Hutchinson titles.

You don't need to stick to one particular title. One great thing about our data is that you can mix and match it to fit your needs. Say you're looking for information on particle physics. We can deliver a chronology of events in particle physics, plus related dictionary articles, and biographies of key people in particle physics. 

Browse the lists below to see how our digital data could work for you.

Hutchinson dictionaries

You can select data from the Hutchinson dictionaries of:

20th-Century World History Confusible Words  Quotations
Abbreviations Difficult Words Science
American History English Usage Scientific Biography
Ancient and Medieval Warfare   Geography Space Exploration
Biography  History Spelling 
Biology Ideas Symbols in Art 
British History Maths the Arts
Chemistry Music Word Origins
Cinema Physics World History
Classical Music Place Names  World Mythology 
Computing and the Internet Plant Names World Religions


Alongside the Hutchinson Encyclopedia, you can also select data from some of our other encyclopedias:

Ireland Renaissance
Literature Science
Modern Political Biography    Illustrated Encyclopedia of British History

chronologies, guides, maps, and quizzes

Here are some of our other popular Hutchinson titles:

Atlas of the World History of the World
Book of Days   Inside American History
Directory of Web Sites Loads of Lists
Everyday Numbers Nations of the World
Factfinder Places of the World
Great Figures in History Quizlink
Guide to Britain Science Desk Reference
Guide to GCSE Web Sites   World Weather Guide
Guide to the World  

Our Chronology title extends right back to the beginning of time. You can select sections and subjects from it, or choose a ready-made title, such as the Ancient World, Medieval World, World Events, or World History.

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